Saturday, 18 February 2012

International Art Fair

Thursday 16th February was the opening of the 6th year of the International Art Fair at the Royal College of Art in South Kensington, London. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the event for my weeks project  to capture the feeling and atmosphere of the environment - as if I was capturing the event for Time Out London Magazine.
Some of the artwork that were for sale were amazing! The painting behind the sculpture was my favourite. The contrast of colour was beautiful.

This is probably my favourite photo that I took during my time at the Fair. Even though the lens which I used meant I had to get in peoples faces in order to capture the photos I tried my best not to let them know what I was doing. To have this photograph natural and unaware of my presence it really shows what event I attended and how people show their interest.

- I was surprised to find the Artist's that asked what I was doing were more interested as to why I wasn't taking photos of their artwork.

Still Life

This is my re-creation of a still life painting that I found in the National Gallery, London. Not only was it key to use the same lighting, the same layout and composition, but the initial idea of the re-creation was advertisement - Yes, Pearl jewellery!
- Yes, it was a mission to twist the pearls into the petals of the roses.
For something created in a thrown together home studio with a reading lamp, I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

Self Portrait

Creating a self portrait of yourself by photographing someone else is much harder than first thought. The idea of this was to judge how well you handled communicating with your model. That wasn't what I found difficult. It was thinking of something that would show my character through his actions. It was this that I decided to go with. The hands on hip, head tilted to the side with a huge grin on the face is something of a popular occurrence with me when a camera is pointed my way.
     The lighting, as it was shot in the Studio was a simple set up - a medium sized soft box situated directly in front of the model, about head hight. This then allowed me to captured the image from below, crouched down, to give the model some authority within the image by appearing quite tall.

I just wish I had got the backdrop much darker.

To New Beginnings...

Well, last year I didn't feel as if I accomplished as much as I would have liked through my projects as the feedback I received turned out to be misleading, ending up in not a very good overall grade. Anyway, now I have a different tutor this semester and everything seems to be looking up! (Amazingly aswell, I have seemed to be doing very well in the theory side of my course aswell. Yayy!)

So, this blog is going to be a continuous update of my course and personal photographic work.